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An Epic End of Year Giveaway!

Dec 26, 2017

Christmas New Years Giveaway Lonely Present Under Tree

Merry Christmas!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is often a slow, reflective time. We think back to the year we’re wrapping up and we look ahead to the year which lies ahead.

Nearly every year involves a gap between our plans and expectations and the reality we actually experienced. Many of us have moments we regret – decisions we’d now make differently and reactions we’d like to change.

Looking ahead, a lot of us have given up on resolutions and goals, resigning ourselves to another year like we had last year. We may have some hopes for change, but we’re not sure where to get started.

This gap week between one year and the next provides a perfect opportunity to find resolution with this year before we make resolutions and change in the next year.

I used to try and work during this week, but then I realized that everyone was better served by me taking a deep breath and coming back at it after the first of the year. I’m grateful to now be serving in a church where our offices are closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

When I began considering how I wanted to use my week, an idea came to mind – and I think you’re going to be the big winner in all of this!


A Belated Christmas Present from Me to You

As I take some time to catch my breath after the most challenging December I’ve had, I wanted to help you have a great ending to 2017 and start 2018 in an incredible way!

For a limited time, beginning today through January 1, 2018, I’m bringing my most popular resources together in one place.

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If you enter your email below, I’ll send you each of the following…

My first eBook – The Greater-Than Challenge: A Guide to Reframing Your Life

My second eBook – Forgiveness: From Myth to Reality

My newest manifesto – The Hope Manifesto: Why We Need You to Fight Cynicism and Fear Today

My year-in-review and goal-setting workbook – Making Change: How to Close Out One Year and Begin the Next


How Do You Enter?

Enter your email below. After confirming your address, I’ll send you links to all of these resources.

If you know someone who’d enjoy getting in on this limited time offer, send them this link!

Remember this giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on January 1! Don’t wait to enter!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I look forward serving you in the new year!

UPDATE: This giveaway has expired. That’s the bad news! But the good news is you can still get your hands on one of the four resources – my Hope Manifesto. Enter your email in the box below!


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