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Welcome to Scott Savage Live!

Nov 24, 2014

Welcome to Scott Savage Live. I am so happy you are here!

Some of you may be used to reading my writing at my previous home, The Joshua Collective. (I’ve written about the reasons for ending my journey on that site, so I won’t rehash all of those here.) I’m glad you traversed the interwebs to my new home.

If you are new to my writing, you can learn more about me by checking out my About page.

Photo Credit: meghimeg via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: meghimeg via Compfight cc

In beginning this new site, I am making some commitments to my readers.

1 – This site will be a place for you to find hopeful and encouraging content. 

I commissioned a reader survey a few months back at The Joshua Collective and the results encouraged me to continue to change my tone. Many of my earlier posts were negative and critical, while I want to be known as a voice of hope and encouragement. My readers encouraged me to keep writing and to continue moving in that direction.

2 – This platform will include a future book launch. 

I am currently completing a book proposal, exploring my journey from idealism to cynicism to hope. As I pursue publishing this book, the new blog will be the platform for me to launch this project. Through the book, I want to encourage people who have been disabused of their idealism and are currently battling cynicism.

3 – If you have been reading for a while, you still have some time to peruse my archives. If you have not, look for the “greatest hits”. 

I will leave my old site active for the time being as a content archive. Ultimately, I will export the most popular and helpful posts from the last six years and then setup an auto-forwarder to the new site. Those older posts will be refreshed and reposted over the next year on the new site.

4 – You can anticipate a new post each week. 

At Scott Savage Live, I am committing to releasing one new post a week. I have posted at every consistency over the last six years, from once a month to five days a week. Once a week seems manageable to me, as I continue other writing projects.

5 – My purpose is to help you live the life you were created to live.

I am shifting the focus of my writing. Many of the posts here on TJC have been autobiographical or journal-worthy. While many of my posts will continue to emerge from my life experiences, I want to focus my writing on helping readers like you live the life you were created to live, filled with hope and courage. The new content will move in that direction.

If this sounds like something you would like to read regularly, I encourage you to subscribe by entering your email address in the field at the top of the page. Thanks for reading!

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