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The Truth Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 13, 2018


This week, local pubs will overflow with extra patrons. We’ll dig into our closets looking for some green attire. And you’ll notice corned beef in prominent displays at your local grocery store.

But none of these really have anything to do with Patrick, the missionary to Ireland behind this holiday.

After some life-changing reading in college and seminary, I became captured and inspired by Patrick’s life and legacy. And I’ve done what I can to get the truth out about St. Patrick’s Day.

You can read my popular article on St. Patrick’s Day at RELEVANT Magazine.

I wrote an article about Christian leaders can learn from St. Patrick for the CATALYST conference.

And you can listen to my recent interview with Moody Radio on St. Patrick’s Day below.

And Jenny Rae Armstrong has an awesome art piece displaying St. Patrick’s breastplate.

St Patricks Breastplate

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