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Video: Do You Expect Resurrection in Others?

Apr 9, 2015

Do you expect the people around you to change?

Earlier this week, I wrote about what we learn when look back on our past. I explored how our 1998 selves would be surprised to meet our 2015 selves. If we aren’t changing from year to year and decade to decade, something is wrong. Nothing about us is static.

While some of us may struggle with believing we can change, I believe scores of us struggle to allow others the space to change. Hurts, wounds, bitterness and the action which emerge from those feelings are often the barrier to believe other people can be transformed.

In this video from a message I shared in July 2014, I focus on the subject of our willingness to offer grace and second chances to others. I raised a key question – is resurrection available to everyone in your life? If you have a hard time believing God can change someone in your life, then this video might encourage and challenge you.

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