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Reframing changed my life and it can change yours!

Aug 11, 2015

I made a big mistake!

Have you ever made a big mistake and didn’t realize it for a while?

I did.


I launched my ebook, Greater, in March 2015. It was the first book I had ever written. It helped double my email list over the last four months and I’ve received messages from many people, sharing how the book helped them see their circumstances differently.

A few months passed by and a problem arose. I got this picture in a text message from a friend. He was in a bookstore with his son when he found my cover…except it was on a book written by another author. A best-selling author who had redone the cover on his book for a second edition.


Major bummer, right? I mean, I needed to make a change as soon as possible.


Overcoming a bad attitude

I knew I had to make a change, but to be honest, I really wasn’t happy about it. I liked my cover. I liked the simple title. I was annoyed at the author of the other book because his original cover didn’t pose a problem (this was a revised edition). And frankly, I didn’t want to invest more work into this project. And since I wasn’t selling the book, part of me wondered if I even should changed it at all.

Now, none of these were good responses. To be honest, some of my reaction was pretty immature. All of these attitude choices kept me stuck, when I needed to take action!

However, as I started talking to my designer about a new cover, I remembered a conversation with one of my friends who helped edit the book with me. He had suggested that I title the book Greater-Than because it was about the Greater-Than sign. I began realizing I had a chance to clarify the book’s focus because of this title and branding problem.

I also remembered something I had done a couple years ago. I had put a  #GratitudeMuscleChallenge in front of my blog readers and my church, challenging them to post 3 things they were thankful for on social media daily during the month of November.

I had an idea! I could adjust the book’s content to make it more actionable. What if the book ended with a call to action to help people understand where to start applying these ideas?

I learned a lot after launching the ebook originally. I felt like I could improve if I relaunched the ebook. This was actually an opportunity to improve, disguised as a forced action I disliked.

Finally, in preparing to relaunch the book, I landed on a new title and subtitle, which I think are far better than my first title.

My “new” ebook is available today!

The new title and subtitle are The Greater Than Challenge: A Guide to Reframing Your Life.


In adjusting to this unexpected crisis, I was experiencing the very message my book introduces. I was taking the #GreaterThanChallenge, without knowing it.

In pivoting to respond to a serious challenge (possibly infringing on the copyright of a best-selling book), I had experienced the power of reframing. I had reframed my frustrating circumstance and focused my attention on all of the opportunity this change afforded me.

Reframing Your Life

This is what reframing does. Reframing doesn’t change your situation; it changes your perspective on your situation. Reframing a situation puts a new perspective on unchanging details. When you reframe, you refocus.

Are you facing a situation or circumstance that needs to be reframed? Are you seeing all that is happening or are you only focusing on certain details? Is your attitude holding you back and keeping you stuck? Do you need to refocus your perspective?

When we reframe our experiences, we gain the power and ability to navigate them without being a victim. We reclaim our authority to choose our responses. We cannot control what happens to us; we can choose how to respond. We can choose better responses.

I believe in the power of this short little ebook, now more than ever! In six short chapters, I show how practicing the discipline of reframing produces life-changing decisions. I use a simple mechanism “________ > _________” to illustrate not only how simple reframing can be, but also how transformational its results can be. I’ve experienced the power of this message and want to share it with you, so you can live with greater courage and hope amidst whatever you’re facing today!

How do you get your copy of The Greater Than Challenge?

Click on the link here and the PDF copy of the ebook will open up. You can save the PDF to whatever device you’re on and you read it on your favorite reading device.

You can take the Greater Than Challenge beginning today for the next 7 days. Posting your updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GreaterThanChallenge. I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts!

No matter what you’re facing today, you have the power to reframe your circumstances. Reframing your present circumstances can change your life! You can discover the best way to respond by embracing the Greater Than Challenge.

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