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I’m a pastor and a writer who helps people laugh, challenges them to think, and invites them to grow.


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No matter how you found this page, I’m glad you’re here. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unclear, I’d love to help you find clarity and freedom.

My passion is helping people like you take their next step forward. The resources you find here were designed to empower you with Biblical, accessible, and practical direction as you pursue greater freedom and purpose in your life.


I create resources to help people like you find clarity and freedom.

The ‘Start Over’ Guide

Do you need a fresh start? Whether it’s the end of the year or just the end of a season in life, we all have moments where we need a new beginning. This 20-page workbook moves you through 9 key questions to help you release what’s behind you and take ahold of what’s ahead of you.

The Gratitude Muscle Challenge: What Science and Scripture Are Telling Us About How to Transform Our Lives

Feel stuck? Struggling through a dark time? This e-book will empower you to begin a 21-day journey that will change the way you see your life.

Free To Forgive

62% of Americans believe they need more forgiveness in their personal lives. But, forgiveness can be difficult and intimidating. Where do you start? In this video course, I guide you through a process I’ve used to overcome betrayal and move beyond bitterness.


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I love serving churches and organizations, using my writing and speaking to empower audiences to take their next step forward.


"Scott’s just so dang inspirational! He writes with wit, wisdom, and authenticity."

Paul Angone
Best-Selling Author of 101 Secrets for Your Twenties

“Perspective is essential and Scott pens wisdom beyond his years."

Karen Yee
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“The first time I heard Scott speak, I felt like I was the only person in the room, like he was talking directly to me.”

Tyrann Mathieu
Super-Bowl Champion and All-Pro NFL Safety

Scott Savage Blog

Tips on spiritual growth, emotional health, and relational healing.

The 5 Lies We Believe About Our Identity

The 5 Lies We Believe About Our Identity

Millions of Americans are very concerned with the security of their identity. In 2017, one of the nation’s top 3 leading credit companies, Equifax, was hacked.  143 million people’s information was exposed, leaving many of us carefully watching our credit reports,...

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21 Secrets to Healthy Relationships

Anyone else seeing 14 months of crazy chaos radically alter what were once healthy relationships? I’ve talked to people who have lost family relationships, friendships, marriages, long-term dating relationships, and connections with colleagues. Some of it over...

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