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Courses offered by Scott:

The Start Over Workbook →

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Do you need a fresh start? Whether it’s the end of a year or just the end of a season in life, we all have moments where we need a little help navigating a new beginning. This workbook moves through 10 key questions to you release what’s behind you and take ahold of what’s ahead of you. The best is yet to come and this workbook will make sure you don’t miss it!

The Gratitude Muscle Challenge: What Science and Scripture Teach Us About How to Transform Our Lives

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Feeling stuck? Struggling through a dark time? What if I told you that in 21 days you could radically transform your life even if things remain difficult? This email series teaches you about the power of gratitude, using the latest scientific research and ancient wisdom from the Scripture. You’ll be invited to spend 21 days in a Gratitude Muscle Challenge that has changed my life and could change yours!

The Forgiveness Course →

available now

62% of Americans believe they need more forgiveness in their personal life. But, forgiveness can be difficult, intimidating, and confusing. What does forgiveness require? Where do you even begin? In this course, I guide you through a 7-stage process that I’ve used to overcome betrayal and move beyond bitterness personally.

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