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Gratitude and Red Bull

Nov 27, 2014

On Thanksgiving, we gather around tables and in kitchens. We sit down next to family and friends, pausing long enough in our busy schedules to give thanks. Amidst the football and family drama, we gain some perspective on how much we have and gratitude emerges.

I have a question, though. Does this sense of gratitude linger or does it disappear as fast as your grandma’s pumpkin pie? To be honest, I believe thankfulness and gratitude are incredible habits and attitudes that we should be cultivating for twelve months a year, not just one.

Recently, I got a chance to present a message on gratitude during a weekend service at my church. During that message, I compared our approach to gratitude to a common item in the daily lives of many people – Red Bull. Check out this short video and reflect on your approach to gratitude, at Thanksgiving and all year long.

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